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Empac Medical Supply is one the nation’s premier medical equipment and supply companies.

Our goal is to provide reliable home, office and institutional medical equipment/supplies to our clients in

a timely manner and at very competitive prices. We provide medical supply and equipment to HMO

patients, private parties, physician office/clinics and health institutions. Our inventory covers a wide range

of products that include, but not limited to, Durable Medical Equipment (D.M.E.), assistive ambulatory

devices such as wheelchairs both mechanical and motorized, walkers, crutches, canes. We also supply

commode, safety products, and Medical Office supplies. These products are from the industry’s premier

manufacturers and are therefore guaranteed. We assure you of timely delivery of products and guarantee

your satisfaction.  For your convenience,  Empac Medical Supply will handle patient billing.  We look

forward to providing your medical supply needs.

“We make home an alternative”
EMPAC Medical Supply